Years ago in about 2006, “Last We Fall” started as “The Next Day”, when original members Steven Rodriguez, Danny Davila and Ben Foster were in middle and elementary school. At this very young age, TND played all over Texas on a weekly basis with a classic metal sound consisting of mostly covers and a few original songs. They played TV’s Great Day SA, many regional and national shows (some in front of 10,000+ people), and opened and worked with artists such as Y&T, Cinderella, Dokken, Ted Nugent, Saxon, Lynch Mob, David Banner, David Letterman, Quiet Riot, Adrenaline Mob, Drowning Pool, to name a few. Towards the end of the name “The Next Day,” the band played a 2-week Texas tour with band “Cold,” and headed out alone to take on Los Angeles, CA, playing the infamous Whiskey A Go-Go twice and being invited to the LA Music Awards with nominations for Best Rock Band, Best Drummer, Best Guitarist and Best Bass Player. TND had also done showcases in Nashville, TN for big labels.

In early 2011, “The Next Day” decided they wanted to make music their career and started focusing on their original music, being mostly a cover band before. However, the band decided that with new transformations as artists, the entire project needed a change as well, and for the better. Shortly after, “Last We Fall” was born, named for their dedications and drive to become what they had dreamed of becoming for years: an all-original and international act. Last We Fall has recorded with Blue Cat Recording Studios, Chris Lieck Studios, Kevin Butler (Austin, TX), and now with Bryan Scott. The band has released two singles in 2014 entitled: “Breathe” and “I’m Human, You’re A Hazard.” The songs were produced by John Gomez (Silver Tongue MGMT) and John Moyer (Disturbed, Union Underground, Adrenaline Mob, and Silver Tongue MGMT). After the tracks were recorded with Kevin Butler and sent off to be mastered in the UK. In the past couple of years, LWF has opened for Taproot, Nonpoint, Everclear, Eve 6, Bush, Filter, Oleander, Rik Emmit (Triumph), Hurt, Drowning Pool, Adrenaline Mob, kill Devil Hill, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mudd, and San Antonio’s own Nothing More. The band released their debut self titled EP on May 14th 2015! The EP is available on all online music outlets.